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This app highlights some of these newer technologies offered by Sigma Life Science for ADME and toxicology research. One primary advance is genetically modified cell
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Open Innovation Strategy in Sigma Life Sciences_NCET2 Webinar ...
Jan 7, 2010 ... Open Innovation Strategy in Sigma Life Sciences_NCET2 Webinar Oct 09. 1. Strategy for Open Innovation in Sigma Life Science • Rebecca Poon, PhD, MB
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Firm uses genetic modification to coax spider silk from silkworms
Apr 14, 2011 ... ( -- In what many in the textile industry have for years been calling the holy grail of materials science, genetic engineers from Kraig
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Spider-silk-producing silkworms to be commercially developed
Apr 13, 2011 ... Biotech firm Sigma Life Science plans on developing genetically-modified silkworms, that will produce spider silk for use in commercial applications
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Temporary Single-Cell Coating for Bioprocessing with a Cationic ...
Mar 21, 2017 ... Prior to the cell coating process, poly(l-lysine) hydrobromide (MW = 15–30 kDa, Sigma Life Science) was dialyzed for 2 days and then dissolved in
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Proof That Deal-Making is Alive within the Induced Pluripotent Stem ...
Aug 18, 2015 ... Sigma Life Science, the biological products and services research business of Sigma-Aldrich®, announced that it signed an agreement with Axiogenesi
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Testing & Supplies |
Jan 22, 2018 ... SciKon Innovation, Inc.: human matrix cell culture surface; human stellates; human hepatocyte cryopreserved cells. Sigma Life Science: range of qual
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An integrated procedure for the extraction of bacterial isoprenoid ...
Dec 19, 2017 ... ... 5 % w/v solution in ethanol (Sigma-Aldrich) was used to detect total polar lipids; ninhydrin reagent (0.2 % w/v solution; Sigma Life Science) wa
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Exploiting macrophage autophagy-lysosomal biogenesis as a ...
Jun 7, 2017 ... ... A303-673A), MiTF (Thermo Scientific, MS-771), TFE3 (Sigma Life Science, HPA023881) and CD68 (Bio-Rad, MCA1957). Species-specific fluorescent seco
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Sensors | Free Full-Text | Supplemental Blue LED Lighting Array to ...
Jun 1, 2015 ... Hyperspectral imaging systems used in plant science or agriculture often have suboptimal signal-to-noise ratio in the blue region (400–500 nm) of t
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